A letter from Santa!!!!

We were all VERY excited today in Room 8 because we received a letter from Santa!!It was left in our stocking that’s hanging on our classroom door.We suspect that it could have been left there by an elf or maybe  even the sound fairy!!!Santa sounded very pleased with all the boys and girls in room 8 and reminded us that we have to keep trying our very best at home and in school before Chrsitmas!! 

Bread Experiment in Room 8

We did a science experiment this afternoon.First we learned about the importance of washing our hands to prevent the spreading of germs.We exposed four slices of bread to four different stimuli: 1. Bread straight from the packet 2.Bread handled by everyone in the class 3. Bread that touched the bin and the tables 4.Bread handled by washed,clean hands. We are going to observe the slices over the next few days to see what happens!!!!